natural stack stone cladding

Maxi Stone Installation tips

Simple to install, easy, fast, cheap.

Anyone who is a handy person can install Maxi Stone panels, there is no grouting necessary, just use a good quality tile adhesive. For large areas we do recommend using the services of a licensed tradesman.

The Maxi Stone stone wall panels should preferably be stacked on masonry type walls like brick or cement so as to ensure a solid support.

Maxi Stone - 'Interlock' - innovations in contemporary decorative stone wall cladding.

Maxi Stone now stocks the unique corner joining 'Interlock' panels to make taking corners on interior and exterior stone wall cladding projects easy.

The 'Interlock' stone panel takes the fuss out of right angles as you can see in the diagram below, much less time consuming than beveling edges, easy on the eye too!


stackable stone

natural stone cladding

stackstone cladding
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